The DivX Player – the ultimate media player!

Nowadays many self-produced or in the internet available movies are saved in the DivX format. DivX is a compression process for video contents, in which information from the original picture or sound material is filtered and deleted. This means that the size of the video shrinks, without cutting the movie. In this way, DVD’s with a size between 4 to 9 GB are converted in one or two DivX files of each ca. 700 MB. Then the files match the usual disk space of a blank CD.


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Installation instructions for DivX

  • Search for the downloaded file DivX_Setup.exe in your Download directory.
  • “Double-click” the setup file DivX_Setup.exe and follow the instructions on your screen.
  • When “Installation completed” is shown on your screen you can start the installed software.
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The package “DivX Plus” offers you every necessary element.

It contains the tool “DivX Plus Player” and the “DivX Plus Web Player” for playing and DivX-codecs for the correct practicability of this format. Current Codec packages are very important for playing DivX videos. Without having the decoding tool a player for DivX formats is not able to play. Furthermore the package contains the “DivX Plus Converter” and the DivX-Pro-Codecs, which are needed to create own DivX movies.

“DivX Plus” is for free, but only in a 15 day test version. For the permanent use you have to buy the full version. The DivX player and the decoding functions can be used unrestrained. With the pro variant it is possible to use the coed package also in other programs.

Even if the format becomes less important with the appearance of new media formats, DivX is still one of the best compression methods. Player and codec package are unlimited usable and for free, you cannot go wrong by downloading it.